Popular Cuisines To Try Out When You Visit Uganda

Curious about what Uganda’s cuisines are like? Various Ugandan tribes have their own specialty dishes and during your trip around Uganda, you will visit different regions making it a point to try out different cuisine from these tribes.

Here are some foods you should try out


This traditional Ugandan stew most popular in the central region is made of either chicken, beef, or fish that is steamed with vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms along with peant (g-nut) sauce in wrapped banana leaves.




This is one of the most popular Ugandan dishes across all regions and you will pass by so many banana plantations while matoke is harvested as you dry through the countryside

Harvested when greens this plantain is, carefully peeled and cooked. In Preparation it can be steamed in banana leaves and mashed then served with a source, It can also be prepared while mixed with a source to make another popular delicacy known as Katogo


A very popular street snack in all regions across the country and is made of a combination of an egg omelette and vegetables wrapped in a chapatti. This can be eaten at any time of the day, from breakfast to a lunch or supper meal or snack. While at Four gorillas Lodge request the chef to make you one


A traditional dish from the Acholi tribe in northern Uganda. This food is made by using the malakwang plant as well as odi,  a paste made from peanuts and sesame seeds, and is often served with either millet bread or sweet potatoes.




This is a popular sauce among the batooro and Banyoro from western Uganda, prepared by soaking beans and peeling off the seed coat. The beans are later boiled and mashed into a thick porridge-like paste to which ghee, salt, and even tomatoes, and onions are added. They preferable eat it with millet bread or matoke


A popular source among the Banyakole of western Uganda is made from ghee, rock salt, and water. The ghee is fermented for two to three weeks before use. The source is served hot or cold and is typically eaten with matoke, sweet potatoes, or millet bread.


A popular dish among the Bagisu Malewa from Eastern Uganda is prepared using bamboo shoots. The shoots are air-dried and smoked to give food a distinct flavor. It is then mixed with salt and groundnut sauce to make a tasty sauce that can be enjoyed with plantains, sweet potatoes o