About Four Gorillas Lodge Uganda’s Top Luxury Accommodation

About Four Gorillas Lodge Uganda’s Leading Luxury Accommodation in Bwindi Forest National Park in Rushaga Sector. Four Gorillas lodge offers the best Mountain gorilla trekking, sounds of birds experiences, rustling trees, soft breezes, and breathtaking views.

Located at the periphery of Bwindi Forest in the Rushaga area, the Four Gorillas Lodge offers the best of all worlds to those who travel to Bwindi Forest National Park. In this oasis of privacy, serenity, and rejuvenation, there are no crowds, just Mountain Gorillas as well as the soothing sound of birds, rustling trees, soft breezes, and breathtaking views.

1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours from Kisoro Airstrip, the Four Gorillas Lodge in Bwindi Forest offers perfect contemporary luxury while satisfying the human craving to become one with nature and our fellow apes. Our signature cottages spiced by a blend of natural scenery, upscale elegance, and a cozy homesteading feel is unique and will surely ensure you enjoy your stay with us.

The curious story of the Four (4) Gorillas  Lodge

The cataclysmic events that would change my life forever started to unfold in Bwindi on the afternoon of the 5th of January 2019.

I was alone on my building site, deep inside the impenetrable forest. I had given all my workers leave to attend a funeral in Mbarara earlier in the day.

Ominous black clouds had started to roll in across the great tree mass that surrounds my property. I was high on a ladder, drilling some holes in a support beam of villa 8 when irresistible gusts of winds started to sway the timberland. As I tried to descend the ladder, a bolt of lightning struck the support beam above me – causing it to break and fall to the ground. I was half-conscious yet aware that the beam had pinned my body to the earth. The torrential rain that followed, at first stung my cheeks, and as it continued, lulled me into unconsciousness.

four gorillas lodge (Dining area Four Gorillas Lodge)

four gorillas lodge (Dining area Four Gorillas Lodge)

When I awoke from that sleep of death, a cacophony of birds signaled the arrival of dawn. I noticed that the beam that had fallen on me was now lying some two meters away.

I felt small fingers gently massaging my bruised torso through a plastic cover. My spirits soared as I thought my workers had returned. Yet, as I turned on my side, I saw a family of gorillas staring at me.

The infant was now stroking my left leg and his black eyes flashed with sadness.

The mother, who had her hands on the infant’s shoulders, had a furrowed brow that conveyed her concern.

The father and a much larger infant were staring at me, as they sat silently on a fallen tree. Sunlight had begun to penetrate the vast forest and my mind started to elucidate the events that must have taken place after I had slipped into unconsciousness.

The family of four gorillas had removed the beam that had pinned me to the earth and had covered me with the large blue sheet from a floor of the villa – they had stayed with me as darkness enveloped the forest.

Tears started to accumulate in my eyes as my saviors bade their farewell to re-enter the green canopy.  Somehow, they knew that none of my bones were broken and I struggled to my feet and into the driver’s seat of my Land cruiser.

The incident had shaken me to my very core and now I know that God is in each and every one of us and in each of the creatures that we share our world with.

As the completion of my unique forest property draws to an end, I have seen my gorilla family a dozen more times. On each of my sightings, we share knowing glances of an extraordinary kinship that began on the 5th of January 2019. In their honor, I have called my forest retreat, The Four Gorillas Lodge.

I understand fully this quid pro quo and The Four Gorillas Lodge will always invest in the continued protection of Gorillas – the same primates who protected me and saved my life.

So don’t wait: The beauty of our lodge and grounds is calling you. It’s time to treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation.

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