What is the Famous Tourist Attraction Close to Four Gorillas Lodge

Four gorilla lodge is located at the periphery of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in the Rushaga sector. At the lodge, you will experience a savour of uncompromisingly high standards of service, efficiency, and personalized attention. Come and relax at four gorilla lodge. After your gorilla safari, enjoy your evenings in our – luxury restaurant and bar time; we also provide extensive wine with some of our massage treatments.

In the southwest of Uganda is where we find Four gorillas lodge in Bwindi impenetrable national park . A traveler may be wondering what is the famous attraction close to the four gorilla lodge the answer is here” mountain gorilla” the most known tourist attraction in Bwindi. When you choose to spend an overnight at our lodge be persuaded to drive a few minutes(10min)to the gorillas in the Rushanga sector.

The Bwindi impenetrable national park has various sectors and four gorilla lodge is close to the Rushaga sector having different family members like Busingye, Nshongi, Mishaya, Bweza, and Kahungye.

Gorilla Trekking in UgandaGorillas in Rushaga sector.

Below are details of the mountain gorilla known as the most famous tourist attraction close to four gorilla lodges and has many amazing

Some of the Questions About Gorillas

When to visit the gorilla in Uganda?

You can see the Uganda gorillas all year round! The country has basically two seasons. A dry season (January to February) and a wet season (June to September). During the dry season, it may take visitors a long time to see the gorillas; whereas, during the wet seasons, the gorillas tend to be in the lower slopes making tracking time shorter. Overall, seeing the Uganda gorillas is an adventure and experience of a lifetime!

How to book a gorilla experience?

When planning a gorilla safari experience, there are many ways you can book a gorilla through the Uganda Wildlife Authority or a local tour operator. However, a tourist is advised to book the gorilla safari 3 months before the tracking date.

Is Uganda Safe for Gorilla tracking?

Concerning Covid-19, the Uganda government together with Uganda Wildlife Authority has taken measures to ensure tourists are safe when tracking gorillas. The traveler should carry at least two N95 masks or surgical masks or double-layered cloth masks with filters and all visitors have been encouraged to carry their own sanitizer. Above all, the Uganda Wildlife Authority treats and takes care of the gorillas on a regular basis to ensure they are in excellent health!

What to carry when visiting gorillas?

  • Camera with extra batteries.

It’s important to store memories for centuries, You can have a Ugandan invisible product in your home country, so why not carry a camera to record the unforgettable thrilling experience in the thick jungle of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park?

The risk of going for classy experiential gorilla trekking activity and then failing to capture moments with the gentle giants, the landlords of the Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is so immense.

  • Drinking Water

When trekking the body has to lose a lot of water due to the constant hikes, treks you must replace it on the long hours spent in the jungles of the park. Enough water for drinking must be carried to cease thirst from spoiling the experience and the thrill.

  • Snacks and drinks

The gorilla experience always tends to be lengthy yet it involves a lot of trekking and hiking in pursuit of mountain gorillas. The normal gorilla tracking takes 2-8 hours, so it calls for you to pack something to add up to the early morning breakfast had at the lodge. You are recommended to carry soft easy snacks and drinks to help you along the way till when the activity is over.  However, ensure to remember that littering at the park is highly prohibited and has a prize attached to it if caught.  Also, don’t get tempted to feed the gorillas! Do not hesitate to spend a night at  Four Gorillas Lodge during your gorilla safari.